Monday, February 1, 2016

Everybody's doin' it...Doin' it? Doin' What?!

  Somehow, I've deleted my entire latest post. I'm so horrible at this stuff but anyhow!

        When you come up with an idea for a fashion piece, or sport one, particular to the impending seasons' wardrobe do you suddenly see it everywhere? I know I do, it happens to me every once in a while. Just as I've drafted the pattern and am at last going to tailor myself a checked suit it happens! Checks are everywhere.

   Carol was my inspiration in one of my favourite films of hers where she wore this suit.

 This type of very femininely tailored suit was very high in fashion in the 1930s and although hers is a very fine black and white herringbone I thought this suit in checks would make just as emphatic an outcome...
I just love this one but it shall be but a one button jacket (maybe?) and the black and white checks a bit smaller so at a distant it may appear to be a gray suit. Brilliant. I had it all planned out and went to the sewing room, drafted it in just a few hours and emerged to indulge in tea, knitting and a picture. So, with my little Teddy, watched a Madge Evans picture. Well, you wouldn't believe! She was in checks.
 And wasn't she stunning in them! Of Madge not stunning in everything?
I will never be more lovelier than Madge, but I would like to think I may pull these checked numbers off nicely, too! I keep seeing the considerable bow everywhere an' all.
 And then there was Mae Clark in "Fast Workers," which I saw today for the second time. She played a floosy and the dress shows it but I still like it quite a bit...
                                                              Yes, and the bow again!
   I suppose it's just because I've had my eye on checks and am paying attention that they seem to be popping up everywhere I look.
    I also just love checks as trim, here are some examples...
These two are, of course, knitteds but nonetheless going along with the waves of checks which were so popular on and off in the early to mid 1930s. Let me not forget to mention checks can be traced back to early recordings of fashion history. 

And here's Constance Cummings in 1933 in the Mind Reader with Warren William wearing a bias checked frock. She told New Movie magazine that she was just smitten about green and white checks and all-plaid frocks. This is certainly something I would make or make that a plain white frock with the check as a half or three-quarter length tunic. Must have the bow and tie to go with it of course!

I'll have to decide on whether or not to go for the full checked frock or suit or just add a touch of it to complete an ensemble. 

What todo!

Just one more for the hell of it from mccalls magazine...and technically it's windowpane and not checks but I still love it and it's simplicity...

   Gotta do something about my appetite for checks.

         Be seein' ya!


  1. Ooo! That mccalls pattern is to die for! And I've had checks on the brain lately, also (For myself and the baby). I've got a few things to wade through first before I can start planning new projects or (heaven for forbid) buying more fabric. Can't wait to see what you decide on!

  2. It is isn't it Evie! Aren't the sleeves something neat, too! You've got the buy-fabric disorder too? Hehe! I would love to see what you come up with on your checks for the two of you and all!

  3. What lovely outfits to inspire at this dreary time of year.

  4. Oh a full on, all over check suit would be amazing and I love the idea of having a really small check that appears one colour at a distance, that's a great way of having it both ways. On a side note, I'm a massive fan of the big bow of the 1930s. I'd probably say that's my favourite detail from the period.

    1. Yes!! That's what I just love about carol's suit in the first pictures. I thought it was just gray until closer shots. The big bow is just so brilliant, isn't it! LOVE it! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Oh dear! That must have been terribly frustrating. 99.9% of the time, I write my posts in a desktop program (like Live Writer), which automatically backs things up in the moment, then make a copy of the finished post and save it as a Word document, just in case something like that happens (which is certainly easy to do - computer and the web can have a mind of their own at times).

    It's wonderful to see a new post from you here again, my dear. I hope that the last few months have been positive ones for you and that 2016 is going great on your end so far.

    Many hugs & happy February wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Im so glad to see you back! Ive always loved those suits too So soft and flattering

    retro rover

  7. A nice dose of inspiration! Just what I need on this rainy cold evening x

  8. It is isn't it Evie! Aren't the sleeves something neat,
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