Thursday, May 30, 2019

This post I must dedicate to my truly favorite jewelry designer, Miriam Haskell. For decades she and her partner designed Jewelry and I positively love those from the late 1920s to the late 1930s. 
I have a few pieces and I'd have plenty more if they weren't rare and expensive. To find them I just keep a keen eye out for auctions and listings. Sometimes you can find them at great prices because those who list them aren't quite sure what they are. It was truly amazing to me when I received my first piece of Miriam Haskell last year.  Its the most common of her styles in the white glass beads but still so special to me.I soon noticed that I needed more things to wear with my Haskell pieces. Yesterday, I whipped up this 1933 dress from Beyer's Modenblatt, a German fashion book.

It was a simple yet becoming style which is perfect for every day wear. I especially loved the fullness at the hem which was so popular for early and then late 1930s dress fashion. Other features of the dress include darts at the bustline and kimono style
 cut sleeves. This was indeed a pattern for a deb but it was in my size anyhow and I went for it. Yes, the size was in my favor but the cut or style wasn't. The torso and all around the shoulder is a bit short, but I'll know to adjust this for the next time, for I intend to make another or two!

 What really mattered to me is that it would go well with the necklace and I do think the plaid rayon turned out perfectly for it.
The clasp of the necklace too, is so pretty that I personally think it needn't be hidden. Such beautiful details on every piece that she created. Including her beautiful name on the bag or tagged somewhere on her pieces. 

                    There is really a good deal of information out there about Miriam and the history behind her company and herself. I could go on and on about her here for you now if i had oodles of time. Alas! its on to the next dress design to go with my most prized possession of her pieces that I am lucky to own. That will come very soon!     I just love her and everything she creates!
                                                                                                      Toodle-Oo for now!


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