Tuesday, September 16, 2014

    Fashions Forecast for October

           Every month at the first week I will try to get out the fashion forecast for the coming month. This month you'll forgive me for my delinquency and for a few minor errors that my budding blog may parade.

     Firstly, the neckline is the key note in October and should be dressed up some but not in a dowdy fashion. If you have a plain neckline wear a tasteful necklace whether the line is low or high and wear it on the inside of the frock. Keep in mind, high necklines are the mode now.
Consider also the scarf neckline!
(This should read for the interchangable scarf and this one should read built onto the frock,  please excuse my error in my typing on the sketches!)                                                                     

    Here are a few of my sketches on the new scarf necklines in mind for Autumn.
               This is of high importance this month. Whether it's for the dash or built onto the frock or dress. Remember that it is the scarf necklines and not the bow or knot scarf-collars any longer.

     Here is my really rather rough sketch of  a classic which (I do stand by) will always be modish!

     For shoulders...

Epaulettes broaden the shoulder line in the approved manner. As does the...

Capelette. It widens at the shoulder and therefore apparently narrows at the waist by means of this capelette.

  •      Just remember, big sleeves!
      A lovely knitted with the highlighted Sleeve!


Great sleeves for the season and capelette for the sewists!

As for Fabrics colors and it's textures...
  •             Try a dull satin with velvet this season. Velvet or Velveteen is keen.
  •             A contrast in texture on texture or a contrast in colors but not both this season!
  •             The colors are Dark or lighter Orange, Green and Navy.
  •             Tweeds naturally are modish as always!
These photographs are of sleeves I've drafted for the fall season which I've sewn onto my low cowl drafting....
       (This is my practice muslin for the sleeves in different colors that show the details the best for the sleeves. Please forgive the wrinkles and threads)
  Lastly, two  more little tidbits....
                   Be sure your buttons match the buckle of your belt and I've got a real good feeling fur scarves are going to be on the horizon when the weather gets real frigid!

        Two Cents' worth in Civility for the day...

                    "On Entering A Room. Unless you want to stand, go to the most comfortable-looking chair that is vacant. Naturally, you would not race with any one to get there; but there is nothing but pity or ridicule for the woman who sidles into a room and slides into a chair along the side of a wall."

                        Margery Wilson's Etiquette 1933


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

...The Latest Short from Krystle!              

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