Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Springs Tender Blouse The first attempt at a Crocheted Sweater

            Only a couple of years ago did i finally teach myself to crochet, after years and throughout them mastering sewing, tailoring, knitting, lacemaking and many many variations of embroidery. I'm not at all certain why I didn't learn sooner for now I am as pleased as ever that I know how. I discovered There are thousands of crochet patterns to be found from my favorite decade and long before it. 
   In my endeavors I've crocheted belts and hats (one which may be seen on my Instagram) and bags and gloves (also on Instagram). But it was really the sweaters (jumpers) that appealed to me in crochet and this was my first...
         It was merely meant to only be a trial run but I love how its turned out enough to wear it plenty. 
It's the girliest thing I've ever made! Luckily I somehow manage to pull it off. Or at least I hope I do!
 It was based upon this pattern I've had for ever so long but I really detest the lovers knot lace pattern. I can't stand, for some queer reason, the way it's commenced. And I can't say I'm too keen on how it looks either. So I grabbed another crocheted lace pattern from a book made up entirely of many different lace patterns that one could crochet and used it in place of the stitch called for.

 Additionally I used one of my gorgeous antique ivory hooks. Made a change from my steel Milward hooks and I love the way it works up the wool.
 This I would say is exactly how the colors appear in person. 
Essentially I made up the sweater as I went but used the guidelines somewhat of the pattern. I also liked the way I did the collar which is quite unlike the pattern. The only thing I wished I'd done differently is to have made it in a size 18 (36" Bust) instead of the called for 16 (34" Bust). 
   The waist band seemed to take ages consisting entirely of single Crochet stitch. The wool really is quite itchy but my slip manages the keep most of the wool from touching my skin. It's Fashion dears! It's not about being comfortable, is it!
I'm definitely going to make another sweater and I'm certain I want this one..... 

A draped neckline blouse made with Self shaded thread. I've got the perfect O.N.T. for it! won't it be ideal for summer!

Until next time my sweets(and it will be quite soon assuredly)! Thanks for stopping by!