Sunday, August 2, 2015

Autumn Inspiration

    No word from yours truly in a while, so sorry. Some days get much too busy and no time to post, but who's lookin' out!  I snapped a few photographs yesterday which I thought I'd like to keep record of for inspiration for my fall wardrobe and, as I've stated in a past post, I'm going to post a couple of times on this subject. First off! I've been inspired by several colors and a couple of them are brown and yellow. Yes, I know these are the typical fall colors and I'm usually not using them but experimenting with other shades in the cooler season. Primarily because I didn't want to be predictable with my seasons' wardrobes. But this year I'm going to be "different," which isn't really different but for me, yes, different. I'm going to use brown and yellow/mustard quite a bit, I think. Not too terribly much though and either separate or together, as these...
They're all so brilliant. I'm also going to use gray for a change and steel blue.
  I've also got a few goals pertaining to the wardrobe and one is wearing more of my shoes and more of my jewelry. I gather so many of these items and most of them just sit around for month after month just looking pretty. I always seem to think I need to wait for a special occasion or ensemble to wear a certain pair of shoes or a certain set of jewelry. Today, I looked through my jewelry boxes and saw lovely frocks in these three things pieces and this pair of shoes (among many other items, mind you)...
A necklace from the late 1910s, ring from the '20s and a 1929 brand broach which I love putting on scarves!I'm a sucker for this brand of jewelry, especially older pieces, because they have such good looking things most of the time!
My demure late 1910s style oxfords I found a while back
And these because my cardinal inspiration these past few weeks has been Neysa Mcmein and Tamara De Lempicka both of whom I've loved ever so for so long. They were both so well known from the late to mid teens through the thirties and I just love that time frame too much.

 Neysa was an enormous fan of hats and was always looked out for to see which she'd wear next. I'm going to make it another goal to wear more hats. I have a few hats but I'd rather like more. Who doesn't! 
Then, Lempicka! She had astounding style and is just too amazing to me. Other than Durer she is my hallowed artist. Just look at this painting!!
It's called "Sharing Secrets," and it says so much more than just two sharing their secrets. She had such a way, my dear friends. That must be me on the right with blonde hair and brown eyes.
   But anyhow, I'd like the mid to late teens to be my focus when planning and creating my fall wardrobe and then incorporate it into my 1930s style. I want to wear more spats, more fur, be more ingenious about my sleeves and I must needs make more hats and bags and perhaps a pair of trousers like Neysa and wear them. No, maybe not. Well, yes perhaps.
    Well, that is it for now, dear companions. See you shortly!