Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Birthday Wishes For Verree Teasdale and George Brent

     Here's to two of my favourites upon the silver screen on their birthday! 

    Verree Teasdale has always been dear to me and I've always looked to her for fashion hints and speech lessons. Her style was impeccably feminine and elegant. Never dowdy and never in bad taste even adorned in some of Orry-Kelly's more off-the-wall designs. 

     Verree was married to Adolphe Menjou, who at the time was a sex symbol. They were married quite some time until his death in '63. I loved him as an actor, in fact, both of them as actors and especially when they were starred in roles together. 

   And here's to the birthday boy, George Brent!
       I've always had a pash for George. He's so desirable and tall and dark and handsome. I swoon when he speaks.

     He's starred in films with many of the loveliest women of all of Hollywood. Some of my favourite pictures are the ones with him and Kay Francis. 

   I always watch films of actors and actresses on their birthdays. Seeing as there aren't enough hours in the day for me to watch a film of Verree's as well as George's I made a compromise and watched them both in one of my favourite pictures, Desirable 1934. It's a film I quite relate to. Jean Muir plays a plain and lanky young lady and blossoms. I won't give the storyline away if you haven't seen it (and you must!) but how lovely a thought to be kissed by George Brent! 

   Happy birthday wishes to both of you, whole heartedly!