Tuesday, May 28, 2019

A hat to further invite Mister Summer!
     Well! Here I am again! I always seem to come back to my blog eventually. This time, it's assured, for keeps (or not other platform at all). For many reasons it's the better and preferred option for me, and my favorite, for my creative outlet. I love to write too and expressing and explaining are some things I like to do alongside my current endeavors and designs. And this is a good place for it.
So let's begin again!

        And here is my first of many posts to come! <3

It's of a hat that, let me tell you! Was terribly fun to make!
I wanted to make a hat quite similar to Alice Faye's hat here... And searching around for possible patterns, knit, sewn, crocheted or so on before drafting or draping my own pattern for it, I came across the Clover Top Hat in one of my crochet booklettes. I instantly fell and decided to make it. I've crocheted another crochet hat, The Skyway, and with delight and had all the courage now to make this one!
     The clovers were the most darling feature but were somewhat daunting to think of doing. Getting right down to it when they popped up in the pattern were really very easy. I love the look of the back view...
...And the way one can see one's hair as a contrast through the stitches of the crown. This, having the hair showing or revealed through the crown was a very popular design feature in summer hats of the 1930s. And a feature I especially love and look out for in a new summer hat. It's just so awfully appealing! 
Here are a few other examples. 
From a simplicity catalog of mine, a lovely affair for the beach! Absolutely need!!

Ginger Roger's hat here pictured is taking the style to the best level possible. An absolute must for summer this year! 

And here is Nan Grey in a simple yet effective style. Perfect for that slight breeze! 
Visors too were popular with not only the sport set but for summer beach and park goers too! Visors are undoubtedly going to happen for me this summer as well! 

Aren't these something! 

So there it is! A little more about my love for hats of the 1930s....I don't there's a style of hat from the decade I don't love.....and to present to you this wonderful crocheted hat in which I made with ease. The pattern was a size up from the hat size I usually wear but in the end there is a cord to make which is nicely tied in a bow around the crown. Loose in the further summer months will be greatly welcomed also. 

This pattern was positively perfect and I made no changes but kept to it to a "T." I recommend the pattern and it is also available for free at freevintagecrochet.com

I used vintage Knit-Cro-Sheen in Ecru and one yard of Millinery wire. I'd certainly make it again too! Pink or a very light blue would be equally effective shades for this design. And dark shades for another look would be stunning!

And until next time, I will leave with you here this alluring photograph of Leila Hyams in the most exquisite of summer hats in needlework. How about that brim hu! 

                                                                Toodle-Oo for now!

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