Wednesday, January 6, 2021


      And here is something completed which I have needed for a good while. This positively lovely and easily knitted béret was much needed for my hiking this very cold winter and the wind blows well here in Hampshire and this hat perfectly protects my head and ears. My usual hat for cold hikes is well worn and well over a decade old. I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to replacing things. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, so to say.

    Its not such an outstandingly or amazing project, just a simple affair knitted in a few hours, but I really am crazy about it. Its the simplicity of it and the cunning band design which is so beautiful in the colors suggested, the Champagne and Brown, which makes it so captivating. I personally am enamored with the smallest knits the most. 

    I used Patons and Baldwins Béret pattern “Moira” from booklet 255 from the amazing vintage pattern lady at  An amazing page which quite easily could steal hours without your noticing. ;)


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