Friday, June 5, 2015

A 1930s Manicure And Some Estate Sale Finds

   A few reasons why I love summer is because everyone is out and about, every place is really rather busy; the cafes, restaurants, tea houses, antique shops, and parks and everywhere else I go are all bustling. And especially, folks are more keen to have yard sales, there are more estate sales, and I of course love that! I got out this week to an estate sale and it was lovely and found time for a 1930s manicure makeover.
The bracelet I found and the manicure!
And by virtue of a good week I decided to give myself an au courant manicure (that is, for 1932 anyhow).  I read many fashion magazines from the 1920s and1930s and I'm always seeing advertisements for nail varnish with manicures that I've always desired. The half moon manicure where the cuticles are nude in a half moon shape and also with the tips also left nude. I usually do just the cuticles but I got brave and went for the full on 1930s manicure. I've never had a professional manicure or pedicure done before, nor did I want to explain to anyone how to do it, unless they already know how, I don't know. Anyhow...I did it myself, of course, while baby slept so it was a bit rushed (and you can tell), but practice makes perfect. I also have eternally wanted the nail varnish in the advertisements called "cardinal." But as usual never find the colors of varnish I desire. Therefore I mixed up a few colors and finally got it perfect to my standard and what I would deem, "cardinal." It's my favourite shade of polish now and I used it for this manicure. It may be more like the "ruby" in the ads but I don't mind, I love it. 
   I think I did a fairly decent job of it, alas perhaps too much of a curve at the tip of the nails. I used dressmaker's dummy draping tape, painted over the nail and peeled off the tape. It worked brilliantly and I'll use it again next time. I actually do like the results an awful lot.

A Few of The Estate Sale Finds!
    I went to an estate sale last weekend exactly across from Liberty Park and I live exactly a block away from the wonderful park. I was looking for a chair to go along with my treadle machine cabinet but I found the perfect one for sewing table instead. Not only did I find a brilliant antique chair but also a couple pieces of rhinestone jewelry (and I'm a sucker for rhinestones), and a ducky little bouquet brooch of yellow roses and seed pearls, perfect for summer.


  1. Gorgeous finds and nails alike! I love the half moon mani look so much. I was a huge French mani fan back in the 90s (I know, who wasn't then? :D) and will never forget the first time my vintage loving heart took note of a half moon mani as a youngster. I don't do this style all that often, but every now and then for a special occasion I will and it feels like wearing something extra lux on your fingers. I think your mani turned out great and love that you even whipped up your own polish shade for it, way to go, girl!!!

    Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  2. The mani is great I'm hopeless with nails

  3. I will have to give this manicure a try, looks very glamorous!

  4. Do you sell a copy of the vintage skirt pattern that has buttons off to the side?