Monday, June 8, 2015

The Connie Bennett Hairstyle 1938!

Just fancied trying out Constance Bennett's hairdo that she pulled off so beautifully from around 1936 and was the same really, just got longer, until 1942.
   My husband says I'm a bit snooty like Connie Bennett and I've got a mouth like Carole Lombard (which means I curse almost as well as a sailor). I've been working on it though. It's tough! You can take the girl out of the army but ya can't take the army out of the girl. And as for being snooty, well, I just very much dislike fashion faux pas, bad etiquette and bad/poor speech. I also detest the majority of men these days who seem to think women might get mad at 'em for opening the door for her. Don't get me started on men and hats indoors and at the table! and then there's suits without their jackets!
  I think I might be on one of my rants again...

     Moving along! I decided, for the coiffure, not to wave my hair but just use my sponge curlers overnight. Then in the morning I just brushed and brushed and brushed until I got this result!
Not quite the same, but in the style at least!
I wanted to try something new this weekend and I always love experimenting with fashion, colors as well as hairstyles and most everything else. I think I like this "do" and will perhaps wear it again!


  1. that looks great I try for a similar look with my hair but I have such a hard time sleeping in sponge rollers
    retro rover

    1. It took some getting used to, and now my husband wonders how I sleep in some of the "torture" devices I have on my head at night. For some of my styles I really wish I could just sleep in my back but I just can't! Thank you for the compliment! I like your hairstyles a lot, do you use anything special to get it that way?

  2. Great recreation of the look. You've got it spot on and it suits you perfectly! Trés Chic!

  3. What a classic, elegant cut and style. These soft waves frame your face so gorgeously!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Just wanted to say no need to apologize for answering the hair do question on my blog I'm thrilled u did. I didn't know they were kiss curls. I love them but my friend told me never to do my hair like that as it would be too much
    Retro rover

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