Saturday, June 6, 2015

Technology, Blog...Why Bother?

   For today, just some thoughts I had concerning technology of this modern world. For some reason I keep going back to my blogging and I suppose it may be because people I see at church or fashion shows or wherever tell me I should have a website or blog and share with the world the things I create and my lifestyle because it's "different," or interesting. 
  So I do. I start a blog and keep with it for a minute, but give up. Blogging and computers is tough, it takes up a great deal of my time, is aggravating and stressful. Not the kind of stress like the uptempo stress of a fashion show that I just love but the kind of stress that leaves you feeling angry. Am I alone in this? All this and for what? Nobody reads my garbage. 
    I guess I blog because it's a little fun sharing my accomplishments, even if it's to "nobody." Because I'm a "vintage" housewife (which is a very consuming job, but I love it) I don't have time for friends to come over nor are my boys intersted in ladies' things, I want to share with someone what I've done. Which makes it kind of a moot point again because nobody is looking at what I have to say. But I guess I do bother because it is posting my accomplishments and that helps me to feel as though I've "shared" what i had done that day. 
    It's all going to be lost sooner or not so later though. When technology fails it will all be gone. Or when our enemies (who aren't as stupid as we think) let go their pulse weapon on the states when everyone becomes a little bit more dependent on technology (if that's possible. Sure it is. Well, I don't know, I do see too many who just cannot take their handheld computers away from their face for one minute). Being in the chemical corps in the army and going to war plenty,  I saw and heard a lot of "what would hurt America the most?" I credit what I know to why I was almost completely obliterated by an rpg, shot by an enemy sniper. I was singled out that night. One shot and what they thought was one kill.  
    Anyhow, I guess I might keep blogging and I think I might do some movie shorts on various things that I find interesting and care to share. Perhaps some sewing tips. Who knows. I might drop it altogether again. After all, it doesn't fully satisfy my desire to share with "friends" out there what I do, enough. And do I really need the outlet? I'd rather be baking bread than ruining my eyesite on a computer screen. Ugh, let's move along shall we!
   But I will share the fact that I've started my knit skirt as shared in a post past. It's looking lovely and I've decided to knit it in the round because I can't stand the thought of purling nearly 200 sts. Every other row. I decided to start the skirt after  doing half the blouse just to break up any monotony. 

Lovely shade, isn't it my invisible friends! And believe me, lovely texture, But I think I shall never again use modern yarns!
    Till next time! Maybe!


  1. I love blogging even if it is fleeting and I periodically consider quitting. I first had an all dog blog then switched to vintage plus dogs. Now that my first two dogs have passed on the blog posts on them are very dear to me. I like that there's a memorial to them. I really like your blog g and hope u keep it up

  2. I really enjoy reading about and seeing your accomplishments. You are very talented and it is definitely worth sharing.

  3. Thank you or this soulful, earnest post. I always love hearing why fellow bloggers pour their heart, time and energy into this amazing craft. I'm delighted that you're a part of our blogging world, sweet dear, and always enjoy reading your posts.

    Happy blogging!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. That's a beautiful stitch pattern. I can't wait to see the finished skirt!