Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Edwards Gown, My Vintage Style Sporty Dress

It means a lot to me to get something started and completely done now that time is awfully limited. My Eddie was just christened and I had spent every spare minute I had within a week before finishing his gown. Now that the event is over it's time to put away the gown for his own child one day, perhaps.
  Me and Eddie of course on the very special day. Yes, the gown is a lovely buttercream shade and not white but I wanted the gown to match the lace knitted blanket I made him before he was born.
 I just wore one of my favourite sporty frocks. It's comfortable but still looks nice. I love it with a pair of ,golfing, brown leather gloves and sporty beret. I would make this dress again and again.  I enjoy walking and golf in the dress and its even light enough for tennis!

 I did lace insertions all the way around by hand and pintucks on the treadle. It looks like the puffed sleeves are different in size but the surface was just on a bit of a slope.
 There was also a little bit of time for several tiny buttons and handmade buttonholes down the back.
Every chance I get I sew by hand. There's nothing more  fulfilling to me than handwork. 
 Here is just a detail of the lace insertion and you may somewhat see a bit of the knitted blanket and bonnet that I'd made for him. 
  Thanks for stopping by! 

               "The inevitable 'tired business man' finds incentive in the thought of a brisk game of golf after closing hours. The busy hostess looks forward to the afternoon that she will be able to devote exclusively to tennis. The man or woman who does not 'play' is missing one of the keenest peasures of life."
           -Lillian Eichler from her Book of Etiquette


  1. Wow thats gorgeous!

    retro rover

  2. Wow the inserted lace is stunning! It looks absolutely beautiful! You are very talented.

  3. You both look so wonderfully sweet! Aww, these photos are melt-your-heart lovely.

    ♥ Jessica