Friday, July 3, 2015

A Dress For Sunny Days!

Happy Independence Day to everyone!

      Last night I finished a dress that I had cut out before going to the UK last year. I cut out several  dresses so that I may have things to sew up across the atlantic on my Singer from 1929. I could shop for more fabric in England but I really need to use up some of my stash which consists of somewhere between 1000 and 1500 different fabrics of many, many types. I'm not lying, it filled up our old basement. It got absurdly out of control and I had to really get a handle on my fabric buying addiction.
   Anyhow! I have finished this fine red one that I draped a couple of years ago on my Khafra (Singer from 1923). It's homespun and I have been in love with homespun since my civil war reenacting days. 
 I finished this dress just in time to wear it to lunch with a friend. I had a lot of compliments on it and I think that's great because I wasn't sure about the shade of red on me. This and one other dress are the only red articles I own and I can't wear the other until I reduce a bit more. I'm getting there!

 I wore my lovely brown Emily Remix shoes and used a simple straw bag to carry mine and some of baby's things in (you won't catch me with a diaper bag).
 I love to play around with fabric patterns and mix and match them around. This dress had plenty of pieces to do this! I do make a lot of plaid frocks...perhaps I should stray away from plaid for a while. I just always love the color combinations in plaids.

And one more ridiculous pose! All just a bit a fun!


  1. You look absolutely stunning darling! I love this dress on you! I love how you have played with the direction on the plaid. You have done a stellar job!

  2. I adore that dress! You ned to start making and selling dresses on easy you'd have so many orders from me!
    retro rover

    1. Perhaps I will...I've never thought of it before maybe I can whip some things up in the near future. Thank you for the compliment too!

  3. Gorgeous! You've done wonderful job, and I love the check fabric

  4. I love what you've done with the plaid! I'm a sucker for plaid in almost any form. Lovely dress!

  5. hello there,ciao Krystle,
    nice photos and What a super lovely dress!...You have done a stunning work...this dress is a work of Art indeed...cheers
    greetings,ciao ciao