Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Working Quarters Complete At Last!

  A couple of months after moving back to Salt Lake City I've finally finished unpacking my sewing room. Rather lazy of me, I know, but I just have so much to do (and would rather be doing) during the day. My room is a work in progress of course, for ill probably change something around here and there as I work to best suit me.

But anyhow it's done and now I've got plenty of plans to make good use of the space. 
   I've had several types of sewing areas from a corner in the back of our apartment to a tiny room in a small house to a basement. And now a really big basement! This time around I've insisted on sharing the space with husband so he may have a bigger office.
    Yes, I may be moving soon again , for we've been looking for a house all our own which must date between 1700 to 1933 and no newer. So fingers crossed within a year we can buy at last! But for now we've got a charming little house that was built in 1941 (I know, I know) it's the newest house we've been in. But it does have a large basement! And I love my space!
   Here's a few photographs of my workspace!

Have a lovely day!


  1. I forgot to ask!! What's your sewing "place" like?

  2. You have a lovely sewing place!

    In my new home I'm sewing in my liveing room. Don't have a seperate room anymore. But since I only have to share my space with my two cats I don't mind.

  3. My dear, my dear....
    I could live in this place! :) REALLY, darling: you've done a majestic job here.... heck, how come I haven't added your blog to my "reading" list - that's now corrected. :)
    My sewing spot?
    Alas, I have none.
    It not that I have no place for it (honestly: until I move, my life is happening in a single room). It's more like: I do have all my equipment on a "stand by" and I take them out when I need them, My machins stands next to my desk, so putting it up and getting it ready to go is done in no time.
    Let's just call it a "nomadic" way. :)


    Wonderful to "meet" you, fellow blogger. :)

    1. I'm so glad you've found me too! I too had a time where I was on a sewing standby and it was kinda fun in a way. A lot of ladies in our past did it that way, hence the reason why treadle machines turned into "regular" tables in the corner of the sitting room!
      Thank you also for following me, it means a lot! It's wonderful to meet you too!

  4. Wow what a lovely sewing room! Glad to have found your blog! Greetings from Italy :)

  5. A lovely sewing room and a lovely blog. Thank you for your service, Krystle.

  6. I *love* that table your portable vintage sewing machine is sitting on! I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect house!

  7. What a cozy, inviting, wonderful craft room! I would find this such an inviting and inspiring space to work in and really hope that it proves to be such for you, dear gal. Thank you for the lovely room tour.

    ♥ Jessica