Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A 1930s Knitting and Crocheting Pattern Free to You!

Who doesn't love a free 1930's knitting pattern!
You probably already know that I love LOVE to knit. I would have to say it's my first passion...and has been for 21 years. I love to occasionally go through my knitting books and goggle at all the peachy designs. At times I'll even drape the very design or draft the pattern for it because there is never enough time in the world for all the things I could to knit up.
Most of the patterns I knit up I try to use the original color, one very similar, or the actual type of yarn that was used in the pattern. I just love to see their intended outcome because the photographs are chiefly in black and white, you see. Other times I get real creative with color. 
Anyhow, as I was skimming the pages of many, many books full of knitting patterns I thought I really ought to share. If I had a friend who knit I would, surely. So here's a knitting pattern to you. I hope you enjoy it. It's really lovely I think.
I plan on making this one in a real true pink rose color, sort of like a kitten's nose.
There is no gauge stated but I did a little experimenting and I can assure you it's 6 sts. to the inch.

And! For those of you who prefer to crochet here is a beautiful free 1930s crochet pattern for a blouse to work up. Isn't it ducky! Who doesn't love peplums! I might better my crocheting skills so I can bring this one to life. I definitely make it in the Peach Blow shade it calls for and all!
 If you make either of these I'd love to see it! I can share more down the road and some sewing and embroidery patterns!


If there are any questions or advice I can give about these patterns please ask!

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  1. These are wonderful! I like the shape of the sleeves on the first a lot and the over all silhouette of the second. Thank you for so generously sharing these great patterns with us, sweet dear.

    And many thanks as well for your lovely comment on today's blogger interview post. I really appreciate it, as I'm sure Esther will as well.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica