Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Important goals I've made myself for this Spring & Summer

     And I have to start right now! Mainly because I think I've set the bar quite high for myself after just having had a baby. I think about 18 hours of my day are spent taking care of baby, boys and the husband. The rest of the time I sleep and watch Eastenders (my only modern weakness). Not to mention I bake and cook everything that we consume. When baby sleeps a little during the day I do knit and use my treadle a little, but his sleep pattern is so unpredictable at the moment that I spend a lot of my spare time wondering how long he's going to be napping for, so is it really worth it to get out the project? I still haven't managed to get my sewing room completely unpacked since we moved back here, so I can't just go to the sewing table or machine and "resume" what I have going on. The room is in a bit of a mess without any moving around space because of the unpacked boxes, so I'd have to bring up my handcrank to the kitchen table, get out the project and set up the ironing board, and so on and so on... and that just make it all seem complicated and time consuming for me.
    I haven't been able to sew any clothes lately and when I don't do any sewing I get in a serious state of depression. I'm not joking, I really do. I really need to buckle down and make the most of every spare minute I have...and that is first on my list of goals!

1) Waste not one precious minute. Try finding more time.

     Just get on and do it! Perhaps wake up earlier than baby does in the morning and get started on the sewing or knitting. Maybe pass up the pre-code, silent film, Poirot, or Miss Fisher in the evenings and sew, knit, or read instead.

2) Lose 16 pounds before July 18th.

     Since having another child in December I've lost nearly 40 pounds, but for the last month or two I've stagnated at 165, not gaining one pound more, but not losing one pound less. So I would like to lose at least 16 to 20 by my birthday. It's a tad embarrassing for me admitting all of this, but I think if I'm open about the issue it will make me want to make some changes. This is why I am including a "before" picture of me in this post.

"Before" taken May 23, 2015

3) Complete My Castillian Ideal Ensemble By July 18th.

     This is a two piece knitted ensemble. I made the Minerva Ideal blouse once; it's a quick knit and I love it. I started making it again in an ocean blue. The skirt is the Castillian pattern from another Minerva knitting book. This is also supposed to knit up quickly and I shall be making it in a creamy white shade so that it can go with other blouses knit, or sewn. These are "jiffy" knits but I need to finish the sleeve and block my Leila Hyams pullover and I need to block and knit up the neck of the Castillian blouse in the tropical green I made recently.

Though a bit modern, I do like this wooI and it's just been knockin' around far too long.

4) Sew when I can.

     This is pretty much self explanatory. I make everything I wear and I daren't run low on ensembles and just everyday wear. Not to mention my sewing room needs new curtains, and I sew for my boys a good deal of the time, too...especially baby clothes (have you seen what they charge for baby clothes?!).
     Well s'pose that's all for now, let's just see how it all goes. Perhaps I'll get more done than I plan. I hope so.



  1. Im very impressed you can manage knitting and sewing with kids. I can barely manage anything with my job as a teacher and dogs and cats, but then I can sew. I also love your hair

    retro rover

    1. Thank you! A job and cats and dogs is a lot to tackle too, Katherine! And that too is impressive. i sew perhaps half an hour and knit one row here and one row there throughout the day if I'm lucky, but I'm happy when I do. I do love taking care of my boys though, I think I might've given off the impression that it's a drag but for me it's not really. Thanks for the compliment!

  2. Good luck on your goals!
    Aaaaah, I love your house dress ... so beautiful! Is it vintage or made by you?

    1. Thank you very much! I made the dress. I saw Lucien lelong's little sister wearing this and I made an exact copy. Thanks again for the compliment!

  3. That sounds like a very full plate, sweet dear. Wow! I really admire you and all that you're juggling in your daily life. Thank you for sharing your goals with us here. I truly with you all the very best with each of them.

    Huge hugs & tons of energizing vibes coming your way,
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica! I guess it does seem like a lot, but I've always been the type to never waste a minute. Thank you so kindly for encouraging words!

  4. Well done with working out your goals and planning how to achieve them. That's the hardest part done, now the fun part of sewing begins. Good luck, I cant wait to see what you come up with!

    1. Thank you for the luck, Christina! I think I'll need it! Yes, on to the fun part indeed!