Thursday, July 23, 2015

1930s Outfit Post Sewn Skirt and Knitted Jumper!

  Just a quick little post to do some showing off!
   I don't think I've not made a white linen skirt for every summer for 10 years at least. Why? You might ask! Because every year Id like something different (not all skirts are created equal) or perhaps I gained or lost weight. 
     The white linen skirt! It's such an indispensable tog! It goes so well with any beautiful blouse and feels light, it's swell and very sporty. The white linen summer skirt is a piece you'll find in thousands of photographs of the 1930s (and of course in other eras). 
   I usually sew a nice big pleat down the center front or make a button down skirt with white or shell buttons. This year I made the latter with pockets. I just felt a need for pockets this year. Mainly for just putting my hands in in a swanky manner. 
Just a white skirt, gay blouse and matching shoes, ONE bangle bracelet and my favourite coral lipstick.
 And then my newly finished knitted! I finally sewed up the Castilian jiffy knit jumper that I blocked ages ago. I like it but I had knit it when I was a few pounds heavier and so it's a size or two up for me and I don't like articles that aren't perfectly suited to my figure. It may not look it but the jumpers a bit big and too long. The ribbing band isn't at my waist like a true 1930s sweater but ten again I do like the blousiness of it!
This year the skirt was 1935 length and unlined. I'm not a snob about linings, I line my articles only if I care to or if they really must be lined, as suits must be. 
  This is my second to last summer ensemble that I'll make this season, and then it's on to autumn togs! 
  I've got a couple more knits to finish and that's fine, for they'll go with my autumn ensembles utterly!
  See you soon!


  1. I love both your skirt en knitted jumper. Nice work ladie!

  2. Perfectly classic 1930s style outfit. I love the colour palette and silhouette at work here. A-line skirts are stellar on you, my dear.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is a fab outfit and again u have my dream hair. Please post hair instructions
    Retro rover

  4. The white linen skirt & knitted jumper:great blend...such nice work...cheers!

  5. Krystle,
    You've done a magnificent job!
    Now, regarding jam-making (THANK you for visiting my little blog, dear!): you know, you don't really need to buy your fruits. I don't know how it works at your place, but if you live in a countryside, you just might be allowed to do some "foraging".
    Over here, we don't need any special permission to collect fruits and herbs from public places, as long as we follow some logical little rules:
    1. don't break branches
    2. don't collect protected species
    3. do not put yourself and others in danger
    4. try not to interfere with the traffic
    and 5. taking fruit from a tree that is growing in front of someone's home is NOT foraging, it's stealing.. so do get permission from home owner. :)


  6. Great outfit! I love your sweater and it pairs very nicely with the white skirt. The whole ensemble looks very 1930's :)