Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Knit and Free vintage knitting and crochet patterns!

        Of course I have plenty of knits in progress but I really thought I ought to be doing some for autumn and winter and when winter comes 'round I'll finish my summer knits. It's what I usually do, it only makes sense. I feel as though I should have these done in time to wear for spring next year. They're 
very springy-prestine looking!

    So I've started this lovely number on Saturday (in a beautiful dark red wool) but I'm not going to set a deadline, for every time I do things in life happens and I never know when I'll get to knit. Then again I may stray to a different knit or another project altogether. I tend to, you see.
Nevertheless, I think I shall work especially hard to keep on it and knit only this until it is done. I just love the chic design and detail especially of the opening to reveal a beautiful blouse. 

     I am also working on my Leila hyams jumper but only have to finish a sleeve, block it and sew it up.
I'm sewing this lovely jumper with a brown skirt for autumn but I think it will be terribly lovely with a deep red, black or navy among others.
     I don't have too much time to be working on a post today so I'll share a couple of patterns and be away. This first one is for my crocheting friends out there whom i really rather envy for being able to crochet so well. I wish in I could have a few more lessons in it...to me it's not as logical as knitting or something, I'm not quite sure what it is about crocheting that I just don't get. It's probably the whole idea of crocheting some stitches to make the row high enough for the next row. Well, when I have time enough again I'll get in to teach myself to crochet again.
    I would really love to make this!
                                   And for my knitting friends!
  Isn't it lovely? I'm not working on this but I might because I knit up a little swatch out of curiosity and it makes a swell little popcorn stitch!  
    The pattern stitch is a multiple of four plus two and here's what it looks like...
   I just loved it so much that I kept knitting and realized it's the perfect width to make a keen little compact keeper for my be same compact. I knit a few rows first of moss stitch so the swatch doesn't curl up on me. 
    The little keeper is something I especially need, for my compact is always slipping out of my handbag and this'll provide, perhaps, a bit of "cushioning." Here's what I ended up with!

I added a real fresh water pearl that I only have one of. These little ordeals are perfect for those one off or odd buttons and such, aren't they!

   Have a lovely day!

       "It is the accumulation of fine reactions that builds charm within us."
                   -Margery Wilson


  1. Such a pretty compact holder. I need to follow your lead on that one!

  2. Love the compact holder
    Retro rover

  3. So true about deadlines and crafting. If we're creating for the sake of pleasure (aka, not as a business or such) it can put undo stress on us set deadlines that we might, realistically, not be able to keep.

    Happy (leisurely) knitting - it's a great pattern for sure!

    ♥ Jessica