Monday, June 6, 2016

A Weekend Excursion and Lookey What I've Found!

    I just love getting in the automobile and driving away for the day (or even weekend)out of the blue. with my little boys. Nothing planned, just pick a direction and motor off from Salt Lake City. This time it was south and this part of Utah is so gorgeous as well, I just love it. 

    We usually visit ghost towns and really small towns. This time around we found a couple of towns that were once the largest cities in Utah but are now so small there isn't even a chain store (what a lovely thought, sincerely, I love that).
     We spied a great museum in a small town called Fairview and stopped to have a look. Honestly I wasn't expecting much but this museum was quite swell!

     There were many things the boys loved about it and so many things that I certainly did, such as these lovely gowns...

Look at the detail! I like very much that they had photographs of those who wore these.

This permanent wave machine pictured below! How I wish hairdressers still had these!

And a pretty amazing collection of "Antique" and "Vintage" Sewing Machines! Again, the Detail!

And Last, but of course not least....

 This is a sloper from the past. The New Perfect Tailoring system, and although I've seen these for sale online and have not been able to afford one just yet, this museum gave me a chance to finally see one in person. I was so pleased. It was used by a local dressmaker in the 1890s and there are sleeves and backs etc. that were used to make many designs in clothing fashion that were desired. 

Here is short film on this museum and if you ever find yourself in Utah stop by!

Here's a few snaps of just how gorgeous this area is!


  1. What a fantastic find! I love how they had photos of the original wearers of the garments as well as the garments themselves, that's such a beautiful personal touch. xx

    1. Yes Cate! I think its just amazing to put a face to an outfit. It's almost as if you've just met that person! Thanks for your comment!

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  3. That permanent wave machine just might fry your hair. Love the Howe machine the best. Lovely! Hubby wants to go hiking in Utah. I can't remember the trail/mountain there. I've never been to Utah.

    1. That actually didn't happen often...that's how they got the waves you see in most of the photographs of the time. Utah has such great places to hike (I do it often)! My husband who is British says he loves Utah because there are quite different landscapes in Utah and all you have to do is drive 10/20 miles to see quite a different landscape! You'll love it here, I'm sure of it!

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    1. It was! It was quite amazing what this little museum housed...they have a woolly mammoth for cryin' out loud!

  5. wow really amazingly beautiful. I too love the photos with the dresses

  6. You're not alone in finding that prospect deeply appealing. This past spring we spent some time in a part of BC called the Kootenays and while there were some chain shops and restaurants there, it was downright refreshing that the main town we stayed in, Nelson, had nary a McDonalds, Starbucks or big mall in sight. Just stunning natural settings, a thriving small business filled main street, and the most crystal clear mountain air you could ever hope to find.

    Thank you for taking us along on your exciting museum outing.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica