Friday, June 14, 2019

    For those dog days when sometimes I don't feel like changing to go out I like to create for myself dresses like these..
Now, we haven't come upon these days in Utah just yet, it's been raining so wonderfully much, but I know they're upon us. It's my gorgeous desert after all. And these types of dresses, in a sturdy homespun weave, are perfect for tasks around inside and outside of the home and still look suitable for going out to the shop in. And to go out I just tuck nicely my hanky in my pocket, put on my hat and go. So easily is the dress  dressed up to go out. 

           I'm a real sucker for button down costumes. It's becoming and very easy to jump into. How easy it is to unbutton a couple of buttons at the base for hikes or tennis. This dress I've made about a month ago but has already been on sever hikes up the mountains, over waterfalls.
 And let's not forget the robe qualities these types of affairs have. For the beach or poolside, wear under it your bathing costume or top and shorts for other places where it may be suitable to "shed" some layers. The uses for this dress are near endless!
                             Do you see now why I love this style of dresses!

I'd like to also note the shirtmaker style dress that it is. So elegantly mannish but so feminine. This design and fabric I chose to make it in was a nod to my wild west legacy. The belt is original 1930s leather belt and leather covered buckle. I love pocket squares but handkerchiefs are much more useful to me and I still insist upon having it in my breast pocket! But yes, sometimes I do shove it down in the other pocket. This one I made is made up of a scrap of Italian linen leftover from another dress I previously made. I narrowly hemmed the four corners and crocheted a lacy border in fine thread and hook. 
Well, there it is. Simple, yet so useful. And in its beautiful simplicity it becomes one of those that one is most fond of. 


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  1. Really pretty house dress! Indeed, perfect for home and pop to the grocery shop.