Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Julia's Report on Paris Fashion

     Here for you my dears is a little treat. And quite a treat! But not before a little background story. Julia Coburn, our author here for the article, an important figure in the fashion world and I'm certain you'd know who she was and become instantly thrilled that the latest fashion magazine had her article. She also co-wrote books on how to dress, and how to act in certain clothes and the proper things to wear and when. These books I'll share a little later! 
     A Kansas City native Julia was born in 1898, studied at a ladies' college and later lived in New York. Her letters to magazines indeed claimed to be straight from Paris and this is true. She lived in Paris for three years and often went to and from quite often, and with children and a husband. The articles she supposedly wrote were in a way her articles. She would send her notes to the magazines fashion department editor (she too was also a fashion editor) and someone would write the article on her behalf. I do wish we could see those notes of hers! 
    So here is another article by the great Julia Coburn. Enjoy!
           *I gathered my information from "The Smart Way To Dress" by Julia Coburn and Alice Blinn 1937

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  1. These were wonderful articles and I'm looking forward to the others. These were quite educational.

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